TPMS Service-Center

As one of the leading service providers for tires, rims and mounted wheels in Germany and Europe, we consider it to be our obligation to share our knowledge and inform customers and consumers about the new TPMS law, introduced in November 2014 by the European Parliament. Therefore, Reifen Gundlach has established a free TPMS Hotline, where questions around this topic are being answered from our team of experts.

Free TPMS Hotline:

Our experts on the phone: 0800 9450-444
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Members of our team are specialized on this topic and will share professional advice in case you have any quesions.

Call us – it’s free!

This law has a huge impact on the workflow of qualified garage services and will affect things like:

  • Investments into new equipment
  • Mounting process
  • Different workflow for diferrent systems
  • Loss of flexibility in terms of resources
  • Qualification of employees
  • Communication with customers

We help you to to be TPMS Ready and focus on your workflow:

Reifen Gundlach TPMS Ready IconAll our products are TPMS Ready without exception, so in order to be TPMS Ready as well, just look out for this icon when purchasing products.

By doing so, you clearly benefit from the following advantages:

  • Almost the same frequency of customers per day can be kept
  • Minimum investment in sensors
  • No risk of wrong mounting in compatible components
  • More time to focus on your customers

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