Tyre Warranty

The perfect insurance for your tires against:

  • Vandalism,
  • Nails or Screws, which were taken up by the Tire,
  • Glass and other sharp Objects

Information about Tyre Warranty/Frequently asked questions:

Which cases are covered by the Tyre Warranty?
Tyre Warranty covers all cases in which vandalism of thirds parties is involved (intentional stitches by a knife e.g.), nails or screws, glass and other sharp objects, which were taken up by the tyre while driving.
How shall I behave in case of a damaged tyre?
In case of a tire damage, please contact your local tyre dealer who provided the Tyre Warranty for you and indicate the incident.

If the damaged tyre is the result of intentional vandalism of a third party, the police has to be notified in order to proof the case. A confirmation of the notice is also required for your tyre partner.

Last step is to fill out the damage form and confirm your request of compensation with your signature.

What kind of conditions and services are included in the Tyre Warranty?
When obtaining a new tyre, a price deduction as following is included. Please keep in mind, that the level of compensation is based on the remaining profile of the tyre.

Compensation levels:

Remaining Profile Depth3 - 3,94 - 4,95 - 5,96 - 6,97 - 7,98 - 8,9
Compensation Level Passenger Car Tires10%20%30%40%50%60%
What are the next steps to take, when there is no Tyre Warranty Partner in close proximity?
No Problem, just call your trusted tyre dealer and report the incident under +49 2684 9450-0.

The serviceteam of Tyre Warranty will document your case

In order to claim an appropriate compensation, please keep the damaged tyre as a proof for your tyre dealer.

If you wish, the Tyre Warranty Service-Team will trigger a delivery of an equal tyre to a service-garage in the country of your choice within the European Union. Only costs for you at this point are the costs for transportation.

If there is no Tyre Warranty-Partner in your area, we will refund the price for the tyre.

How long is the Tyre Warranty valid?
The Tyre Warranty is valid for full 36 months, starting from the day of purchase.
What does the Tyre Warranty cost?
The recommended retail price for the Tyre Warranty is 5,- € per wheel or 20,- € for all wheels.
Where can I get further information?
You can get further informaion under the official Tyre Warranty hotline, at all official partners or just write us an e-mail